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Me - Pia Simms -  A photographer based in Copenhagen - Denmark.

As a photographer I am typically on a search for places or moments which somehow will lead to creative motives. The process must be playful and is usually non-predictable. Nor is the results. I easily feel claustrophobic and stuck if working on a creative project and too many rules and guidelines are set. There are so many options! Why not play along and see where it takes us? - This is probably why my stories and projects often develop and takes shape during the process itself.

My images are in general very minimalistic and soft. I play with natural light in many different ways and create my own ways or techniques to create moods. You will almost certainly find  some sort of mood, lightness or calmness in whatever I choose to capture.

When not working on creative projects I provide clients, magazines, companies and individuals with professional photography covering food, property, lifestyle and general business needs. Through my work as a visual storyteller, I assist my clients enhance their image visually, on their websites, social media, etc. 

For information and requests, please contact: Photographer Pia Vestergård Simms // piavsimms@gmail.com - Tlf. +45 3060060 - Or simply send a message here from my site.

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